DJing the LA Marathon 2013

DJing the LA Marathon 2013

📅18 March 2013, 20:03

Dodgers Stadium, 3/17/2013

My earliest gig ever, started at 4.30AM. Runners started pouring in front of the stage and before I knew it, there were 24,000 people warming up for a run that they will remember forever. The setup took place on an amazing stage sponsored by NutriBullet. I had a huge jumbotron to play video edits and sponsors footage. My dear friend Kristen was on the drums. The final touch were the beautiful MSA dancers. The highlight was the worlds biggest Harlem Shake with 24,000 people going nuts dancing. Here’s a little taste of the event:

See the TimeLapse of the event here:

Big thanx to Kenton, Elynn and Julie from NutriBullet and Justin for the video footage.

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